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This is what we thought

If we sat and had coffee with you to explain our thoughts about financial markets, this is what we think you would say. "Show us your trading and investing as it happens. Tell us what you think, and then show us as it unfolds".

So here we are. A boutique fund posting trades as they occur. Stocks, derivatives, and some
currencies using price action and fundamentals on longer time frames.
See it happen first, then learn for yourself.

Our methods are simple, easy to interpret and execute.
See as we trade, see what we trade, and why we chose the trade.

Start with 'this is what we thought', then watch as we get to
'this is how it happened'.

It’s not that hard, and yet…

"the mechanical system is where everyone should start. I started with hundreds of lines, all over the chart and you end up seeing everything except what the market is actually doing. Price action, worked around a swing system that teaches you patience. You get to see which way the market is really going, and you feel the ebb and flow. Get in when others get out and hold until it tells you to stop. It's not that hard"
- Andy Lawrence, Brisbane

"Michael and Jonathan are good. If you just watch the videos you can learn. Price Action Swing is not the most polished production, but neither is it the most expensive. It's the content though, once you've gone through it a few times you realise just how it works"
- Lee Gunn, Auckland

"who wants to sit in front of a screen all night? If you watch closely, you will learn to see the high probability trades; within those, how to get to breakeven as quickly as possible, but most importantly, how to stay in for the long term, which in some cases is months or more".
- Jo Vincent, Singapore